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Thank You, Harry Reed

Posted: October 28, 2020 in Christian

I find it interesting how “fact checkers” (who are these guys anyway) only seem to”fact check comments made by republicans while giving democratic falsities (nice word for lies) a pass.

Here is an excerpt from a news story about reactions following the confirmation of Amy Barrett:

It took no time at all for the threats to start rolling in after Amy Coney Barrett was confirmed to the United States Supreme Court. Democrats vowed that Republicans would regret their decision to hold the vote so close to Election Day.

During a floor speech earlier this week Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer said, …”My colleagues may regret this for a lot longer than they think,” he warned.

“In the past nominees would need 60 votes to be confirmed but in 2017 Sen. Mitch McConnell changed the standard to allow for a simple majority. His change made it possible to confirm two of President Trump’s previous nominees, Justice Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh.”

Wait a minute…McConnell did not change that rule (a lie by Shumer). Throughout the history of our great country, if there was a contested appointment to a vacated seat on the federal bench, there would often be a filibuster by the Senate minority party, that could hold up nomination votes for the confirmation of any federal judge, potentially for weeks, and it took a “super-majority” to force a confirmation vote to break the filibuster. A super majority meant that it took 60 yea votes to force the confirmation.

In 2013, the Democratic party held the majority of the 99 available Senate seats by a slim margin and the minority Republicans were using the filibuster to hold up the confirmation vote on several of President Obama’s appointees to the federal bench. Senate majority leader, Harry Reed, got tired of the delaying tactics and decided to ignore 220 years of Senate history started by our forefathers and developed what he called the “nuclear option” to get rid of the filibuster weapon, a powerful “leveling” tool available to the minority party. The nuclear option meant that it only required a simple majority to override a filibuster and insured the majority party would have smooth sailings toward federal judge confirmations

I have no idea what Harry Reed was thinking, and most of the Senators were stunned , as he was warned by many, including members of his own party, this was not a good option, because unless the Democratic party controlled the Senate for perpetuity, it would come back to bite them and Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell tried to warn Reed he would regret it “sooner than you think”. Harry Reed ignored the warnings, went ahead with presenting the Senate rule change and the “nuclear option” became an official Senate rule.

The next year the republicans had enough Senators elected to become the majority party in the Senate and they started taking advantage of the nuclear option for federal bench appointees in the Senate. By 2016 I think Harry Reed realized how badly he goofed and also realized his legacy was going to be “the guy who got rid of the filibuster” and decided to vacate his Senate seat.

If Democratic Senator, and majority leader, Harry Reed had not pushed to torpedo the filibuster option in the Senate, Amy Barrett would not have been confirmed before the election, because the minority party in the Senate could have used their filibuster power to delay the vote.

The constitutionalists and conservatives of America thank you, Harry Reed!

Disrespecting the country

Posted: October 23, 2020 in Christian

A few years ago, Michelle Obama stated how she was ashamed of our country (while serving as First Lady) and she and President Obama went on to prove their disrespect by their actions, such as refusing to either stand for the pledge, or refusing to place their hands over their hearts, showing disrespect and disregard for the Marines attached to the White House, etc.

That wave of disrespect toward our country grew even more vitriolic and vicious after Trump was elected president. It seemed as if it were a competition to see who could show the most disrespect toward the 45th President of these United States between the media and the celebrities and even members of the electorate from both parties.

Michelle Obama said she was ashamed of her country…I am ashamed of those that openly chose to disrespect the office of the presidency, regardless who happens to be in the White House. I am ashamed of those that mock, and laugh at and openly disparage my country by disparaging the leadership of my country.

I didn’t like President Obama because I thought his policies hurt America, but I refused to disparage him because I respect the office of the President of the United States. If Biden is elected, I feel it would end up as a disaster for our country, economically as well as constitutionally…but if he is elected, he will be my president, because I chose to respect this great republic of ours and its leadership.

The book of Jude teaches that we are not to disrespect dignities and those in positions of power…but hey, they are trying to erase all semblances of Christianity from this country anyway, so what does it matter what God thinks about it, right?

I just saw a news clip where a black MSNBC host called the RNC convention a minstrel show, days after another black CNN host called a black US Senator an “uncle tom”.

Throughout this summer, the only people shouting racist slogans and slinging racist slurs are the blacks…I guess they feel they are immune to any retribution over anything they say…but they are the REAL RACIST in this country…and they get away with it. What would happen if a conservative white person called people “Uncle Toms” or decried the DNC convention as a “minstrel show” or called a black athlete a “bi**ch black boy? They would be instantly called out for it and the outcry would be fast and furious. Where is the public outcry when blacks say these things? Why are blacks given a pass when they wantonly sling racial epitaphs?

I’m sick of all the pandering to the racist and the violent criminal that are trying to destroy the fabric of America while the media cheers them own and the elected democratic leadership of these cities fiddle while they burn to the ground…unbelievable…

Patchwork America

Posted: July 12, 2020 in Christian

The great world experiment called the United States of America is like an immense Patchwork quilt made up of multitudes of different ethnicities, races, religions and experiences, sewn together to create a mighty woven web of strength. However it seems the media only desires to look for problems in the fabric and they do manage to find small areas of loose stitching within the fabric. When they do discover those areas, they happily zoom in on the defects to attempt to prove just how terribly worn and frayed the fabric is that holds this great country together, often without merit. If they actually allowed the viewers to see the larger picture, it would demonstrate that these small areas of problem threads do not really affect the the cohesiveness of all the fabric surrounding it as well as the strength of the whole quilt, but they do not want their viewers to concentrate on the strength of the cohesiveness of America, only its weaknesses.

Jim 7-12-20

Throughout the history of the human race, we can find multitudes of ways that Satan has tried to thwart the plan of God. There are the obvious and overt ways that we know in the bible, but what immediately came to mind when I thought about this subject was one way that Satan has tried to thwart the plan of God that is still continuing to this day. The way I am referring to is to sow derision, doubt and conflict within the Body of Christ.

All the different groups or denominations within Christianity, for the most part, are philosophically separated by seemingly insignificant differences. We find these differences begin to crop up in the first few years of The Way1, as the group of people that followed the teachings of Christ were called in the book of Acts. Even in the very infancy of the Church, Satan was able to successfully insert false prophets and start to sow doubt and deception within the Christian movement. Small, subtle changes here and there, a doubt about the real meaning behind this passage or that passage and Satan’s ability to convince scholars and teachers that taking passages out of context is OK all resulted in the beginnings of the division of the Body of Christ. The letters to the Thessalonians and the Corinthians churches were penned by Paul partially to calm them and answer their nervous questions and doubts that were being whispered in their ears by false prophets and those intent in creating discord within their local congregations. Satan was also very successful in his campaign to deceive the early church fathers into questioning the meaning of the scriptures, which allowed them to start creating their own interpretations of the Word, which resulted in a more palatable form of religion for the leaders of Holy Roman Empire. The disgust with the end product of the religious/political superpower that these continued interpretations morphed into resulted in the protestant reformation movement in the sixteenth century.2 Part of the problem that the reformation movement left us with is many of the reformed protestant religious entities that were formed didn’t take the reformation far enough, which has resulted in many of our ‘siblings’ in the Body of Christ still firmly believing in the long time Catholic view of allegorizing the scripture, just as they did in fourth century Constantinople to make the watered-down lessons and commandments of the Word of Our Lord easier for the masses to digest and accept, making them little less rigid, and a lot less ‘black and white’. Therefore many of our brethren teach traditional interpretation instead of what the scripture really says. To do this effectively, they have to do several things. One of the first things that needs to be done is to ignore the fact that the scriptures from Genesis to Revelation is a single, cohesive message system with a single stranded woven web of meaning and purpose about God, his people and his Son. Once this is accomplished, the rest is easy. From that point on, it becomes simple to take and chop the word of Our Lord up into individual sections that don’t relate to each other significantly or not at all to be able to build the traditions and religious philosophy the the church has replaced Israel as God’s chosen people referred to as replacement theology3 that many of our brethren teach weekly from their pulpits as gospel.

This watered-down version of the gospel may pass inspection at the microscopic or planar level, but if you were to get high above it and inspect it from a distance, I believe you would see a nasty conglomeration of square pegs sticking out of round holes and non-matching puzzle pieces, hammered and taped together to form a Picasso style picture instead of a smooth flowing message system that easily fits and continues from end to end, the way the Holy Spirit wrote it and the way the Creator of All Things intended. This form of religious interpretation opens itself up to attack from Satan who can squeeze in between the gaps and cracks and, in my opinion, I’m afraid that is what happened to the early Church when it started using this formula in the fourth century to please the masses.

We as the Body of Christ are much like extremely dysfunctional siblings that are constantly fighting and squabbling over minor issues and irrelevant things to the point that most of our energies are absorbed in this in-fighting instead of taking the Word to the lost of the world. This has to be one of Satan’s more successful campaigns in his plan to thwart the plan of Our Lord.

1 Acts 9:2 and Acts 19:9, 23