Will The True Racist Please Stand Up

Posted: August 31, 2020 in Christian

I just saw a news clip where a black MSNBC host called the RNC convention a minstrel show, days after another black CNN host called a black US Senator an “uncle tom”.

Throughout this summer, the only people shouting racist slogans and slinging racist slurs are the blacks…I guess they feel they are immune to any retribution over anything they say…but they are the REAL RACIST in this country…and they get away with it. What would happen if a conservative white person called people “Uncle Toms” or decried the DNC convention as a “minstrel show” or called a black athlete a “bi**ch black boy? They would be instantly called out for it and the outcry would be fast and furious. Where is the public outcry when blacks say these things? Why are blacks given a pass when they wantonly sling racial epitaphs?

I’m sick of all the pandering to the racist and the violent criminal that are trying to destroy the fabric of America while the media cheers them own and the elected democratic leadership of these cities fiddle while they burn to the ground…unbelievable…

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