A Scoop of Bittersweet?

Posted: July 18, 2011 in Christian

I personally have come to the conclusion from the scriptures, from commentaries and from physical evidence we can see and derive about our universe, that we are basically a huge sim game, that we exist within a local reality that we call the real world.

I kind of see us and our universe as a scoop of ice cream taken from the tub of the real existence, the reality we call heaven and the spirit world. We can infer from Genesis that we started out as, maybe, a scoop of peaches and cream but since Satan was allowed to sow his bacteria of doubt and deception about the purpose, meaning and plan of Our Lord into our ‘reality’ we have instead turned into a scoop of rocky road ice cream with bitter, black liquorice spattered about within the scoop instead. So, at the time that The Lord decides to ‘taste’ us will we be sweet in his mouth, or will he spit us out as something bitter?

More on this later.

God bless, Jim


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