I just saw a news clip where a black MSNBC host called the RNC convention a minstrel show, days after another black CNN host called a black US Senator an “uncle tom”.

Throughout this summer, the only people shouting racist slogans and slinging racist slurs are the blacks…I guess they feel they are immune to any retribution over anything they say…but they are the REAL RACIST in this country…and they get away with it. What would happen if a conservative white person called people “Uncle Toms” or decried the DNC convention as a “minstrel show” or called a black athlete a “bi**ch black boy? They would be instantly called out for it and the outcry would be fast and furious. Where is the public outcry when blacks say these things? Why are blacks given a pass when they wantonly sling racial epitaphs?

I’m sick of all the pandering to the racist and the violent criminal that are trying to destroy the fabric of America while the media cheers them own and the elected democratic leadership of these cities fiddle while they burn to the ground…unbelievable…

As a child, I recall reading a book about a future dystopian society that burned books to control the thoughts of their subjects…the book was Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury. The premise of the book was taken from the Nazi book burning carried out by the German Student Union targeting books they thought subversive and anti-Nazi.

Today, in America we virtually have the same thing going on as Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms systematically burn digital books by banning and remove posts that give opposing viewpoint to the agenda put forth by the liberal establishment…

One recent example is when Donald Trump Jr tweeted a videos showing several well known doctors talking about the effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine against Covid 19, Twitter pulled the tweet saying Trump was spreading misleading information regarding Covid 19 (I guess Twitter are the medical experts, and not the several doctors in the tweet that was pulled) and he was suspended from further tweets. Fast forward two months and CNN tweeted a story about a recent study showing the effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine against Covid 19. Why isn’t this tweet removed? It is because CNN is “an approved source”, and other that have dissenting opinions are censored.

Here is a quote from a leading surgeon and twenty-five year veteran of the medical field. “Hydroxychloroquine is a derivative of quinine, which is found in tree bark. It’s the most noncontroversial of medications that there is,” she said. “It’s been around for centuries and it’s been FDA-approved in the modern version, called hydroxychloroquine, for 65 years,” she continued. “In all of that time, [doctors] used it for breast-feeding women, pregnant women, elderly, children, and immune compromised. The typical use is for years or even decades because we give it mostly to RA, rheumatoid arthritis patients and lupus patients who need to be on it, essentially, all of their life. So, we have extensive experience with it … it’s one of the most commonly used medications throughout the world.” this statement of hers, as well as others doctors who made similar statements about this drug that has shown to be effective against this virus last week was blocked and removed by Facebook, Twitter and Youtube with no explanation.

Censorship similar to this has been going on in our public universities (indoctrination camps, paid for by your tax dollars) for three decades now where Christian and conservative speakers have time after time, increasingly been denied an opportunity to provide a different viewpoint and the constitutionally provided first amendment has been trampled time and again (sometimes literally). The young adults exposed to this censorship have been indoctrinated that dissenting opinions are bad and preventing alternate ideas and opinions is perfectly fine in America, where free speech once roamed free, but is now being hunted to extinction There are many, many more examples all over the internet of this rabid censorship going on under our noses.

Welcome to the Socialistic States of America, comrade!

Jim 7-31-20

Patchwork America

Posted: July 12, 2020 in Christian

The great world experiment called the United States of America is like an immense Patchwork quilt made up of multitudes of different ethnicities, races, religions and experiences, sewn together to create a mighty woven web of strength. However it seems the media only desires to look for problems in the fabric and they do manage to find small areas of loose stitching within the fabric. When they do discover those areas, they happily zoom in on the defects to attempt to prove just how terribly worn and frayed the fabric is that holds this great country together, often without merit. If they actually allowed the viewers to see the larger picture, it would demonstrate that these small areas of problem threads do not really affect the the cohesiveness of all the fabric surrounding it as well as the strength of the whole quilt, but they do not want their viewers to concentrate on the strength of the cohesiveness of America, only its weaknesses.

Jim 7-12-20

My father used to quote the phrase “I cried because I had no shoes until I met the man who had no feet” to me to help teach me to appreciate what I have, while at the same time desiring to work for more. It worked for I have always tended to never lose sight that there are always those that have less than me and I thank the Lord daily for what He has blessed me with, and continues to do so.

There are so many people today that seem to endlessly complain about everything without stopping to realize how blessed they actually are, and this started me thinking about my parent’s generation. I began thinking about life in the early part of the twentieth century, as opposed to life since I have been circling the sun.

Think about this, if you were born in 1900, for the first 50-55 years of your life, if you lived in rural America, you had minimal, or no healthcare, no electricity or running water, the prospect of finding a job outside of a large city was poor and there was no social security fund for the aged to fall back on…life as we know it, really only became commonplace after 1955. These facts can be a little sobering, if we allow them to sink in, and we need to make sure we appreciate every day we live upon this earth, instead of whining about what we don’t have.

Jim 5-22-20

Image  —  Posted: May 22, 2020 in Life and Memories, My view of the world

Alternate title OK, So Maybe I am a Racist (but I’m proud of it!)

I grew up in the 1960s and I remember reading and seeing heaps of things growing up about Nazi Germany and the Gestapo and the tactics they used to control people. The Totalitarian German Government throughout the 30s and 40s completely controlled its subjects and a few of the tactics they employed were things such as controlling the travel of the populace and enforced curfews as well as lock downs and generating programs in which they encouraged people to “snitch” on their neighbors for illegal activities…there was much more they did to control the people unfortunate to be within the realm of their control, but you get the picture and it sounds terribly familiar to what has been going on across America in the last couple of months.

The 1st amendment to the United States Constitution addresses the protection of free speech, but the formerly free media and militant liberals (those guys that espouse tolerance) proves daily that they have no toleration for anyone that doesn’t see things their way and is doing their best to erode that individual liberty by attacking anyone says something they don’t like. For example, today I saw a news story where the liberals and their minions (the media) were absolutely up in arms, accusing a family run business in Texas that has been struggling because of the Corona virus (that started in China, the same country that pressured the WHO to not report the virus in January and subsequently started preventing export of masks and respirators to the West) of racism because they placed a sign on their marquee that said “Don’t buy Chinese, buy American”…so what? The owner has a right to post whatever he wants on HIS sign and he wanted to get the word out that America’s dependence on China hurts all Americans…and I wholeheartedly agree with him. The dependency of America and many of the world’s nations, on cheap Chinese products has severely hurt local community manufacturers and many small, local economies around the nation, as well as the world to the point that many small communities around this nation are starting to look like ghost towns with all their boarded up buildings where local small manufacturers used to employ local citizens. This country has an opportunity to turn that around.

When it comes to the virus, I truly believe that China weaponized this virus to hurt and destabilize western economies, for the purpose of strengthening their own economy and I believe that it has had an opposite effect (to strengthen my argument this was intentional, China has almost no cases of this virus in their larger and most populous cities such as Beijing and Shanghai). They have hurt economies across the globe, but many of the western governments are actively blaming China for this as well and are seeing China’s response such as refusal to allow Westerners access to their areas infected, threatening to withhold medicines and the raw elements required to make effective antibiotic and anti-viral medicines to the west, as we learned that 90% of all medicines and raw elements to make the medicines are now manufactured in China (the last penicillin manufacturer in the US stopped making it in 2002).

We have an opportunity to lessen our dependence on the Communistic and Totalitarian regime that runs China by a huge amount and bring manufacturing back to this Country, subsequently helping those that are struggling in many of the small communities to make ends meet. Lets help America become a manufacturing giant again by weaning ourselves of the communist teat that currently controls us.

America was based upon freedom of speech without fear of government intervention and freedom of religion where folks can worship without fear of reprisal or government repression. It appears those guaranteed rights and freedoms are under severe attack, for today if someone voices their opinion that offends someone somewhere they are immediately excoriated and labeled either a racist or an (xxx)phobe and these labels are swiftly shot across the major media outlets like a raging wildfire, with the intent of destroying the offenders reputation. I have no reputation to damage, and even if I did, I don’t believe I would cowtow to the readily offended. According to those that appear to control the media in this Country now, and because of the current mentality I am a racist for saying “screw China…buy American”…and I am tremendously proud to wear that label!



Jim 5-14-20